Best Roku Sports Channels

Get Sports Channels on Your Roku

One of the biggest reasons people refuse to give up cable or satellite tv is that they don’t want to miss out on live sports broadcasts. Thanks to the Roku, they no longer have to worry.

The Roku has filled the void when it comes to streaming live sports broadcasts and the big sports leagues realize it. Currently, the NHL, MLB, and UFC all have Roku sports channels which allow you to watch live games as well as archived games. The channels also allow you to interact with stats and view game statistics as well as player stats and biographies.

Official Roku Sports Channels

NHL Roku Channel

The National Hockey League has a Roku channel which can be downloaded for free from the Roku Channel Store. To watch live games, you will need to purchase a subscription and then enter your account details. The subscription fee is worth the money and is far cheaper than regular tv through a cable or satellite provider.

With the NHL season back on schedule, this app will be a must have for Hockey fans.

MLB Roku Channel

The Major League Baseball corporation has an official Roku channel that is available for download through the Roku Channel Store. The download is free, however the live feeds require a paid subscription. The subscription costs are reasonable and are less expensive than monthly tv service costs.

UFC Roku Channel

The Ultimate Fighting Championship has an official Roku channel which can be downloaded for free from the Roku Channel Store. Basic features and fight previews can be viewed for free however archived fights cost money. You can also live stream Pay Per View UFC events through the Roku UFC Channel. When using Pay Pay View, the standard charges apply.

NFL Roku Channel

Unfortunately, the National Football League has yet to develop an official Roku channel. It is probably just a matter of time until a channel is released.

Watch NFL on Roku

Even though the NFL does not have an official Roku channel, there is a way that you can watch the live football games. Through a third party software called PlayOn, you can get access to hundreds of networks including NFL, ESPN, Fox Soccer and more.

Watch the Superbowl on Roku

By downloading and configuring the USTV Now Roku Private Channel, you can gain access to american tv networks and watch the Superbowl game. USTV Now requires you to link your device by going online and entering a code. For now, USTV Now has two account plans. There is a free plan that gives you limited access and a full plan which gives you access to all of the channels.

New Roku Sports Channels

For now, the Roku is by far the best device when it comes to watching sports on a streaming media player. As it gains a stronger foothold on the market, there will be many more official Roku channels appearing for the different sports networks and franchises. If you know of any channels that have not been mentioned, make sure to leave a comment in the discussion section.

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