Best Roku Music Channels

Best Roku Music Channels

Sometimes, you just want to relax and listen to some music. Or, you would like music in the background while you are working on another task (cleaning, studying, cooking, working, etc…). For this, there are many different Roku channels where you can listen to live radio or just play some of your favourite music. However, if you want to watch and listen, there are also plenty of Roku music channels┬áthat have tons of music videos to select from.

Roku Music Video Channels

VEVO Roku Channel

Best Roku Music Video Channels VEVO

The VEVO channel is very new and is quickly becoming one of the more popular Roku music channels. You can add the VEVO Roku channel through the Roku Channel Store. VEVO is a free channel and features all of the latest music videos.

Roku Radio Channels

TuneIN Radio Roku Channel

Best Roku Music Channels TuneIN Radio

Just like the name implies, TuneIN Radio allows you to stream music from well over 100 different radio stations all over the world. You can browse stations based on genres, decades (40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, etc…) or you can browse by local stations. Overall, the channel works great and is very useful for playing music around the house or apartment.

Earbits Radio Roku Channel

Best Roku Music Channels Earbits Radio

Earbits Radio is an internet radio service which focuses on playing underground music that isn’t normally played on mainstream radio. It is a cool concept and lets you find new music that you wouldn’t normally hear otherwise. The selection is very broad and covers just about every music genre that exists.

Rdio Roku Channel

Best Roku Music Channels Rdio

Rdio is an online music streaming service that advertises having millions of songs. It is one of the bigger Roku channels and is suggested during the setup phase when you first install a new Roku device. It has a great selection of music to choose from and new songs are being added all the time. The only downside to Rdio is that it is a subscription based service.


2 thoughts on “Best Roku Music Channels

  1. April 8, 2013 at 11:46 am

    please cancel my account rdio on roku today plears thought was free.

    1. Best Roku Channels
      April 8, 2013 at 5:01 pm

      Sorry Robert, I don’t actually have anything to do with Rdio. I was pretty upset too when the trial ended because I thought it was a free service too. You should just delete the channel by pressing the * on your Roku remote and then choosing delete. Instead, go with Vevo, Earbits, and TuneIn radio which are all free channels.

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