Best Roku Movie Channels

Best Roku Movie Channels

The Roku device has many different movie channels however we are only focusing on the best of the best Roku movie channels.

Best Paid Roku Movie Channels


Hands down, Netflix is currently the best fee based movie channel available for Roku devices. There really isn’t too much competition at this point however as streaming movie services become more popular, this should change. The nice thing about Netflix is that it is supported on just about any device with an internet connection (Nintendo DS, Blu Ray players, Smart TV’s, Roku Streaming Media Player, Xbox, and so much more). So, if you already have an account; you are in luck!

Amazon Instant Video

Amazon is easily the biggest online retailer and they have recognized how much potential the streaming digital media market has. Earlier in 2012, Amazon began making big moves to get into this market and is going head to head with Netflix. If you are looking for a Netflix alternative, or have Netflix and would like more variety, then check out Amazon Instant Video and try the free trial option.

Best Free Roku Movie Channels

Who doesn’t like free stuff? I’m pretty sure everyone does especially when it comes to movies. There are several free movie channels currently available on Roku that feature enough movies to keep you busy for a long time.


Crackle is the best free movie service by far. When we say free, there is one catch. You have to watch a short ad before you watch your movie and at some random times during the movie. Honestly, it is not as bad as it sounds. The ads are typically less than 30 seconds long so you don’t even notice them half the time. Crackle does a great job of selecting the movies to feature in their list of available films. In addition to movies, Crackle also features lots of television shows to select from.

Midnight Pulp

Midnight Pulp is another great Roku movie channel that is free. The content on Midnight Pulp tends to focus more towards horror and sci-fi movies however they do feature movies from other genres as well. If you like sci-fi or horror films, then you will probably be watching the Midnight Pulp channel most of the time.

Popflix Classic Movies

If you like old movies, then this is the channel for you. Popflix Classic Movies has hundreds of movies to chose from because the movies are so old that the copyrights don’t apply to them any longer. The films cover a wide range of genres meaning there is something for everyone.


The Plex channel is not a traditional channel like the others on this list. To use it, you must be running a Plex Media Server on a computer that is on the same network as the Roku. The Plex channel allows you to stream content from the Plex Media Server. If you have an old desktop, you can put a large hard drive in it and then install Plex Media Server on it an use it to stream your media to your television through your Roku device. It might sound a little complex however it is actually pretty simple to get setup. After you have everything setup, you can stream movies, television shows, music, pictures and more to your tv set. And the best part about the Plex setup is that you won’t have to watch any ads at all.

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